Payment, Refund And Cancellation Policy

PAYMENT POLICY  has a policy of upfront payment, at the time of placing the order for legal documentation and other related services. In case you opt for an additional service after the initial service request, an additional invoice shall be raised.


After placing an order, if the Customer wishes to cancel the order, the Customer can do so by sending an email to along with the details of the order that need to be cancelled and can ask for cancellation of the order by mentioning a valid reason within 4 hours of placing the order.

Notwithstanding anything stated above, nothing in this Cancellation Policy shall be applicable to the following categories of document:

  • If “Same Day Delivery” or “Next Day Delivery” for order has been opted for.
  • If four hours have elapsed from the time of Placing the Order.
  • If the Cancellation is owing to the fault of the Customer.

The Request for cancellation in the aforementioned circumstances shall not be entertained.


  • Any request for refund should be initiated by sending an email to within 4 hours of placing the order. Any request for refund owing to a mistake or error attributable to us shall be entertained within 24 hours of the document delivery.
  • We will process your request within 15 to 25 business days of receiving all the information required for processing refund like reason for refund, bank details for processing request, etc.
  • We would be unable to process any refund request owing to changes in your situation or your state of mind. However, depending on the circumstances, we would be able to credit your account, with an amount equivalent to the Order you wish to cancel, and you can use the same to avail any of our other services.
  • Please note that in no event shall any fees paid as Government Fees, Stamp Duty and other charges paid to third party vendors be refunded.
  • Before processing any refund, we reserve the right to make the best effort to complete the service. In case, you are not satisfied with the service, a standard deduction of 20% plus any fee paid to the government (stamp papers etc.) would be applicable.
  • Third Party Service Providers: While we take all reasonable steps, to ensure that the order is delivered in a timely manner, there might be some delay when we use the services of Third Party Service Providers. Please note that we are not responsible for the handling of the document by the said Service Providers, or in case of delay in receipt of the document, owing to the delay or deficiency of service attributable to the Service Providers.

In case of any conflict between this policy and our Terms of Service, the latter shall prevail.